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This is a list of individuals that love Chris Duncan Clothing so much that they are telling the world about it.

Look for CDC spread team affiliates at places like Wall Mart telling your favorite sexy cashier that CDC is the shit and her Pokemon lil brother should definitely be wearing it.

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Mike Hines

Mike Hines VIDEO

Click link to see

Lateral Progression

-Age: 27

-Gender: Male

-Astrological Sign: Taurus

-Zodiac Year: Rooster

-Industry: Internet

-Occupation: Pornographic set construction

-Location: Tucson : AZ : United States

About Me

-Fascinated by the known








-mental notes

-skinny John Candy

-Macayos canned enchilada sauce

-out dated calendars

-personal monitors

-divots and crossword puzzles

Favorite Movies

-The big lebowski


-It's a mad mad mad mad world

-10-minute kickbox workout

-The last starfighter

-Favorite Music

-Mance Lipscomb

Favorite Books

-Harry potter 5

-All the pretty horses

-The crossing


James Dean the Killing Machine

Age: 21

Riding since: before DUNKDAWG was on Free Agent

Job: Sweaty Roofer

Home Town: Port Alberni, B.C., P.A. ALL DAY

Hobbies: Guns, Bmx, Snowboard, breaking stuff, Smokin that Dank ass Dank, Lucky Lager, FaceBook!!!!!!!!!!!!! like OMG like where would the world be without like FACEBOOK LOL BRB OMG!!!


K-MAK on top blowin up!!! http://www.purevolume.com/kmak

, PussycatDolls, DipSet, Ghost Busters song, new Britney!, WereWolf in london, Misfits, Black Flag, 80's pop, depresing emo wen i cry in the dark and cut my wrists

Favorite Riders:

Hoder, Scerbo, Burns, Blackman ridin for the hood, Hamilton, mirras 360 nohanded backflip, reynolds, big reynolds, and BIGGY DADDY AKA HEAVY HITTER!!!!


Haters, BMX, GAY TRENDY EVERYTHINGS! (shortbars, longbars, shortframes, longframes, brightcolors, black, white, plaid, stripes, bandanas, trucker hats, long hair, short hair) Taco Bell has Rats, Verde can't make strong enough frames/stems/cranks for me and it has takin them over a yr to get me my WARRANTIED FUCKIN PARTS BACK!! FUCK VERDE!!!!, people who comment on videos, people who don't comment on videos, people who don't hate on shit are just fuckin gay, straight edgers, heshers, gangsters, scenesters, punks, emos, tight pants, semi tight pants, baggy pants, people who are just in bmx for fun and people who are bmx to be pro


EVERYTHING with no exceptions i'll try anything 3 times even if i hate it the first 2 times

PS.............. im pretty sure wen the heavy hitter sees the pic of me LIFTIN THE WHOLE FACILITY!!!!!!!!!!!, theres gonna be hell for someone somewhere wether he snaps and puts like 100 kids in a headlock or is pumped and puts a 100 kids in a head lock either way i can just imagine the intensity

CDC for life

Daniel "Randall" Davis.


Newfoundland canada (the far east).

Nicknames include:




I have no idea why people call me any of these


Large Quanitys of whiskey


Ophra Winfrey(big fan)

and chewing tobacco


The word trend

Hoping you pick me to spread the word of CDC, stoked.

Joe McCoy

Age: 23 years old.

From: Western North Carolina.

Rides: street, park and dirt. Has been riding for 10 years.

Favorite rider: Chris Doyle........(editors note) ODOYLE RULES!

Transportation: Drives a Suzuki on it.

Loves: His girl friend. Puppies-He has 2 of them.

Likes: The outdoors, Waterfalls are his favorite like. He does not watch much TV.

Quote: "Lets Ride! CDC!"

John Dale




Born in New Bern NC

Live in Tucson, Arizona

B.A, MS Degrees from The University of Arizona

Riding BMX since 1982

Own/Operate Curbrider LLC (www.curbrider.com) and RedEndo BMX (www.redendo.com)

Favorite movie: The Last Emporer

Favorite Song: Modern Man, Bad Religion

Hates: Having to pump soap manually (attachment)

Life Goals: Getting these crazy ideas out of my head before I die.


I linked to you from here:


Take care and good luck with everything! Thanks for the laughs and intrigue!